Character’s room

Introducing the characters “AKIBeAr”, “AKIBirDon” and “Gin-Nyan” that appeared in Akihabara Electric Town!


A mysterious bear that appears in the town of Akihabara only during the Electric Town Festival.
AKIBA’s A-shaped silhouette and the engraved chestnut are the trademark.
It seems that he is proud of having “AKIBA” in its name.


Intellibird with the title “Akihabara Electric Town Public Relations”.
Not only about AKIBA, but because he has traveled all over the world, he seems to be able to speak multilingual at his school.
Akibear’s head is too comfortable and he continues to stay in AKIBA, but it is unknown when he will travel again.


She has a lot of knowledge about AKIBA’s behind-the-scenes story, but she is a talkative but dependable cat.
The language is rough, but I like idols! Fashionable and loves to shop.
The name comes from “Ginkgo Ginkgo Ginnan”.